"Si Deus in terris, vellet habitare Biterris"

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 Saint Guiraud was born in Puissalicon in 1070. Legend reports that his mother carried him for only 7 months and then, when he was baptized, the baptismal's water began to boil as if some red iron had been planted within it. This miracle was considered as forerunner of the holiness of the child.

 The legend claims he was poor; however, previous biographies - referring to Don Vaissette - show that several acts and charters have the signature "Guiraud of Puissalicon". That proves he was from a noble family : the Puissalicon's one.
 He was bishop of Béziers from 1121 to November 5th, 1123, year of his death.

 As he requested, he was interred close to Saint Aphrodise. His body's rests - transferred in 1259 to the St Clare's convent(11 Novembre's place - which doesn't exist any more today) - became cult-objects until the French Revolution. His ring, silver carved set with an enormous amethyst, triangle shaped, 3 cm wide, incised with the double escutcheon : leopard and lion, and stolen in the Roujan's church thirty years ago, would have had healing virtues : it was applied on eyes of ill children to cure them.